Remember when we talked about the incredible journey of encouraging boys to embrace the world of books in our previous blog post? Well, I’m back with the next exciting chapter – recommended books for boys. In a world buzzing with screens and non-stop distractions, helping boys develop a passion for reading is like giving them a superpower. I’ve heard you loud and clear – you’re hungry for book recommendations to light up those young imaginations and keep the pages turning! So, get ready to dive into the awesome universe of books curated just for boys in primary and upper grades. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or bookworm on a mission, I’ve got you covered. We’re about to unveil a treasure trove of stories that’ll grab their attention, fuel their curiosity, and kickstart a lifelong love for excellent storytelling. Books for Boys: Primary Grades These books are the coolest buddies
Do you know what the coolest thing about graphic novels is? They weave captivating tales with eye-catching illustrations, ensuring that your readers will be hooked! These books are more than just stories – they’re a gateway to far-off lands and new dimensions. I have something special lined up just for you. I’ve gathered the most popular graphic novels, both fiction and nonfiction, that are absolutely perfect for your 3rd – 5th graders. They have everything from epic quests that’ll keep everyone on the edge of their seats to heartwarming stories. These graphic novel recommendations will take your young learners on incredible adventures they’ll cherish forever. Why Should I Include Graphic Novels in My Collection? Graphic novels are the ultimate blend of storytelling and illustrations. They’re a magical mashup of words and art that creates an exciting reading experience like no other! It’s like reading a comic book but with
Growing up, it seemed like the only reading materials that had pictures with captions were superhero comics. My brother loved reading them, so as the younger sister, I despised them. Sibling love, right? As I grew older and began helping other kiddos find their love of reading, I stumbled upon something in children’s literature: graphic novels! But here’s the deal my friend, not all graphic novels are created equal, especially for our younger readers. After combing through lots and lots of graphic novels I have some definite favorites! These are my “picture perfect picks” of graphic novels for elementary students. When choosing graphic novels for our libraries we want to make sure we’re picking the ones that entertain, educate, and inspire little minds. Look for graphic novels that introduce young readers to diverse characters, ignite their imagination, and spark a real love for reading while also supporting new readers!
My students love reading biographies. Usually, they ask for a biography on a sports star or music performer. They might ask for a biography of someone they learned about in class. And for some reason, they all want to read biographies on Michael Jackson! It can be tough keeping current biographies on the library shelves. Biographies can be expensive and they are outdated as soon as they are printed. Also when it comes to current biographies it’s very possible that students won’t want to read about the person two years from now. So it can be hard to justify the purchase, especially a biography series for elementary students. When choosing biographies I like to stay with the same series for several reasons. I have already determined that the series meets my needs. I know the format of the books in the series. For example, I know what kinds of text
Why series books? Students love to read books in a series. I have found it is one of the best ways to encourage a reluctant reader to read. Why do students love series books? There are a number of reasons. Which series to buy? Book publishers know that series books are very popular and very lucrative. Take the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for example. After the first couple books became so popular it was almost guaranteed that each subsequent book would be a huge success. This is a good thing but it can make it hard as a librarian or teacher to decide which book series to invest in. So I came up with a list of some of my favorites to help make your decision easier. I came up with two different book lists. The first list is for younger elementary and includes beginning chapter books.