Introduction to Fiction Call Numbers PowerPoint Lesson – Editable


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This is an editable PowerPoint lesson to introduce students to fiction call numbers, specifically easy fiction call numbers. All you have to do is click in the text boxes and edit the text. ​This is a fun and engaging way to teach and review library skills.​

Suggested grade levels: 1st and 2nd (these are the grades I have used this lesson with). There are a total of 12 slides. On several of the slides you have to add your own text and call numbers. Since libraries use different types of call numbers, this will allow you to tailor the lesson to your library.

Because PowerPoint has limited interactive features, I have also included a set of call number matching cards as well. You can have students match the call number to the author card and/or put the call numbers in ABC order. Click on this link to see a preview of this product: Call Number Match Activity

The preview shows all of the PPT slides.



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